Porsche Design Bob Sled

Porsche have applied their sophisticated design knowledge to create the Porsche Design Bob Sled. A follow-up to the aluminum sled they created a couple of years ago, this newest sled is made from a composite material and weighs just eight point eight pounds. The design echoes parabolic skis and has a bend in the runners […]

Zai Laisa Skis

The latest product from Swiss ski maker Zai are the Laisa Skis. The narrow tips of these hand-made skis are perfect for skiing through powdery ski slopes and will provide a smooth, supportive ride. Made from a combination of carbon fiber, a proprietary “zaira” compound, and vulcanized natural rubber, these high-performance skis will help any […]

Zai Nezza Skis

Zai, the seven year old maker of hand built skis have updated their highly acclaimed Nezza skis.¬†Nezza means¬†“a black blade to tame the mountain”, the skis are made out of carbon fiber composite called Zaiira specifically designed for hitting the deep, powdery slopes and now feature a layer of wood in the middle to encourage […]

Hublot Sledge

Hublot have released a sledge to join the Hublot Skis and Hublot Bike as their sports equipment line. The Hublot sledge is hand made of ash wood, hand sewn leather and carbon fibre for a aerodynamic design that is easy to maneuver. The high tech sledge will be exclusively available from Hublot with only ten […]

Zai Nezza Skis

The latest skis from the small Swiss ski maker Zai are the Nezza Skis designed to be lighter and more effective than its previous models. The skis have been crafted in carbon fiber to adapt to the hard snow and feature a new composite material equipped for all kinds of weather conditions. The skis are […]

Aston Martin Skis

Aston Martin have launched a pair of skis inspired by their automotive design. The skis are designed to be able to be used in any situation offering perfect handling for a slalom or freestyle off piste skiing. The high technology construction of the skis features composites, aluminium and carbon making them exceptionally light weight. The […]

Bentley Supersport Skis By Zai

Swiss ski maker Zai have partnered with Bentley to create a limited edition pair of skis inspired by their new Continental Supersports model. The skis feature a composite material containing carbon fibers in the top layer in combination with natural rubber in the central part as well as carbon fabric in composition with chrome steel […]

Wally Skis

Monagasque yacht makers Wally have continued with their collection of skis with their latest offerings. The latest collection of skis uses the same carbon fiber and aerodynamic technology they developed for their yachts. The skis are made principally of carbon fiber making them thirty percent lighter than conventional skis and able to navigate both on […]

Chanel Skis & Snowboard

As part of their winter sports collection this year Chanel have released another set of skis and a snowboard. Chanel have pioneered fashion on the ski slopes with their skis, snowboards and accessories.This years skis and snowboards have a wooden theme using plain laquered wooden top sheet with a central wooden core going back to […]

Zai Spada Skis

The latest skis from the small Swiss ski maker Zai are the Spada skis which are named after the Romansh word for Sword. The skis are hand made and feature a core made of specially treated granite from the Grisons canton as opposed to the normal wooden or titanium cores of skis. The granite is […]