Zero Halliburton Ballistic Nylon Collection

The Zero Halliburton Ballistic Nylon collection is the first Zero Halliburton collection not to use a hard material such as aluminum or carbon fiber, instead it uses Ballistic Nylon a light weight yet strong and flexible material. The Zero Halliburton Ballistic Nylon collection is designed as an alternative to their aluminum and carbon fiber suitcases […]

Zero Halliburton Classic Edition

For Zero Halliburton’s seventieth anniversary the company have released a special edition collection of luggage. The collection named Classic Edition draws its influence from the original Zero Halliburon bags first created in 1938 when commissioned by the Halliburton oil services company as a more rugged bag more suited to the terrain of the Texas oil […]

Zero Halliburton Texalium Attaché Case

Zero Halliburton are world renowned for their aluminum cases which are close to impenetrable without either the combination or key, this texalium case is no different. The Zero Halliburton Texalium Attaché Case is made of silver texalium which is a material which is similar to carbon fiber in strength and lightness but uses glass fibers […]

Zero Halliburton Cigar Case

Zero Halliburton are well known for their rugged aluminum luggage, this cigar case is no different. The Zero Halliburton cigar case can accommodate up to thirty full size cigars which are stacked in special trays. The case features a Paradigm Humidification System and a digital hygrometer which allows it to act as a portable humidor. […]

Zero Halliburton Carbon Fiber Attaché Case

This attaché case is made in the same way as Zero Halliburton’s renowned aluminum cases with the exception that it is made of carbon fiber. The use of carbon fiber allows it to be lighter then aluminum yet retain the strength of its aluminum counterpart. The case features a leather interior and a three digit […]