Canada Goose Loro Piana Collection

Canada Goose have collaborated with Loro Pianato release the Canada Goose Loro Piana Collection. With ultra-soft wool from New Zealand and Storm System technology to protect the wearer from the elements, these jackets also feature a layer of fabric on the back that will remain breathable while preventing water from seeping in. The the collaboration […]

Loro Piana MySunglasses

Loro Piana have released their first collection of sunglasses which blends design with the latest technology in lenses. The N.P.E.L.P. lenses are the thinnest in the world made in collaboration with Barberini and are made of natural and eco-friendly raw materials and have a guaranteed protection from infrared and ultraviolet rays. The collection feature three […]

Loro Piana Regatta Collection

The Loro Piana Regatta Collection was specifically designed for summer to celebrate the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta which will take place towards the end of June in Sardinia. The Regatta collection features a swimsuit, a waterproof jacket, a baseball cap, a beach towel and the iconic cashmere blanket which is available in various colours featuring […]

Loro Piana Marmot Throw

The Loro Piana Marmot throw is a unique blanket made from the fur of the alpine marmot known for its ability to keep one warm. The throw has a suede border and a soft cashmere lining making it perfect for wrapping up in after a day on the slopes. The throw is available exclusively from […]

Loro Piana Record Bale Wool Scarves & Stoles

Each year Loro Piana designate their finest bale of wool the record bale which is measured through the fineness and strength. Each year fifty custom made suits are made using the Record Bale wool with the rest of the wool used to make scarves and stoles. This years Record Bale wool produced by the Australian […]

Loro Piana Roadster Pull

The Loro Piana Roadster Pull was designed specifically for team members at the 11th Meeting of the Italian Bugatti Club in 2005 and later made available in all Loro Piana stores. The pullover is made of single ply cashmere that features a two colored diagonal jacquard type pattern. The Loro Piana Roadster Pull is available […]

Loro Piana Olympic Equestrian Uniforms

Loro Piana are the official supplier of eventing and dressage uniforms to the Italian equestrian team at Beijing Olympic games. Loro Piana have a long history of supplying clothes for the Italian olympic team and designed the Horsey jacket for the Italian equestrian team at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Loro Piana have provided jackets, […]

Loro Piana Swim Suit

The Loro Piana swim suits are a staple of their summer collections and are known for their intricate patterns and colors. The swim suits are made of a special type of polyester which is designed to dry quickly and provide an comfortable fit. The Loro Piana swim suit is available in a number of different […]

Loro Piana Horsey Jacket

The Horsey jacket was designed by Loro Piana for the Italian horse riding team at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and is approved by the FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports). The Horsey jacket has a detachable vest, a draw-string waist, leather collar and patch pockets all of which have been been designed to […]

Prada Tarot Cards

Whilst most companies have make domino’s, chess sets or poker sets Prada have released a deck of tarot cards. The tarot cards which can be used for playing tarot card games or for the more occult purpose of divination. The cards which are drawn in a more positive manner to traditional cards and come in […]