Hublot Antikythera Sunmoon

As a tribute to the Antikythera mechanism discovered off the Greek coast in 1901, Hublot have created the Hublot Antikythera Sunmoon. With astrological symbols, constellations, and sun and moon indicators, this watch draws on the ancient tradition of the Greek astronomical calculator, which dates back to one hundred or one hundred fifty BCE. In addition […]

Caran d’Ache Caelograph Collection

Caran d’Ache have created the Caelograph Collection, which includes several writing instruments that map the movement of the stars. This collection, which is available in limited editions of rose gold or platinum, includes a fountain pen, roller pens, an inkwell, and a compass. The constellations and a map are engraved on the body of the […]

Vertu Constellation Blue By Italia Independent

Vertu have collaborated with Italia Independent to create two new smartphones, called the Constellation Blue By Italia Independent. The touchscreen version of this phone, limited to a production of just seven hundred seventy-seven phones, features a three point five inch display, an eight megapixel camera, thirty two gigabytes of memory, GPS technology, and an FM […]

Vertu Constellation Black Neon

Vertu have released their latest phone, the Constellation Black Neon. Handmade by a single craftsman, this impressive phone is created using leather, rubies, and carbon fiber and has neon-colored accents. Adding to the luxury of this phone is access to a twenty-four hour concierge service that offers restaurant reservations and information about exclusive events. Tweet

The Dalmore Constellation Collection

Dalmore have created the The Dalmore Constellation Collection. Comprised of Dalmore whiskey from twenty-one years between nineteen sixty-four to nineteen ninety-two, this collection features twenty-one bottles of the finest, luxury whiskey. Two complete collections are available, one which features all of the number one bottles from each of those years while the other includes the […]

Vertu Constellation Candy Collection

Vertu have created the Constellation Candy Collection. Designed for women, these mobile phones will be released just in time for summer and will be available in three different, bright colors. This smartphone features advanced technology, such as a touchscreen and an eight megapixel camera, as well as feminine touches, including natural gemstones on the front […]

Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari

Vertu have continued their collaboration with Ferrari and have created the Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari. Inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia, this phone features a small cavallino rampante stallion logo on the front of the phone and a larger logo on the back with a design inspired by the 458’s engine bay. This sleek mobile […]

Vertu Constellation T

The Constellation T is the first touch screen phone manufactured by Vertu. The phone has a three point five inch sapphire crystal screen and an eight megapixel camera with dual LED flash and specialized heptagon lens.The Constellation T has the City Briefs which interfaces with Vertu Concierge to provide recommendations to users in new cities. Tweet

Vertu Constellation Quest Carbon Fiber Edition

Vertu have released a special edition of their Constellation Quest smartphone featuring carbon fiber. The Vertu Constellation Quest Carbon Fiber Edition features a back plate and ear cushion made of carbon fiber. The body of the phone is made of stainless steel that has been knurled after which a PVD coating is applied. The phone […]

Vertu Constellation Quest

Vertu have released their latest phone from their Constellation collection, the Quest. The Quest is Vertu’s first phone with a full keyboard and is aimed specifically at the business user. The phone is configured for each user when purchased in store and the whole user experience is designed to be effortless. Vertu have introduced Vertu […]