Christofle Trunk By Pinel & Pinel

French silver makers Christofle have paired with bespoke trunk maker Pinel & Pinel to create the Christofle Trunk By Pinel & Pinel. This luxurious leather trunk, which contains two hundred fifty-eight pieces of Christofle dinner-party necessities. The myriad cabinets and drawers inside this elegant trunk contain items such as trays, decanters, and pastry forks, everything […]

Christofle Jardin d’Eden Flatware

Christofle, French manufacturer of flatware and home accessories, have created the Jardin d’Eden Flatware. This collection was designed by Marcel Wanders and includes several pieces, including tablespoons, dinner forks and knives, demitasse spoons, and dessert forks and knives. Most of each piece of the silver cutlery is covered by a delicate design which features interlocking […]

Mirroir Collection By Herve Van Der Straeten For Ruinart

Ruinart, a champagne house which dates back to the eighteenth century, have collaborated with designer Herve Van Der Straeten to create the Mirroir Collection. The Mirroir collection includes ice buckets and silver-plated coasters, all with a contemporary design made by Christofle. Each ice bucket is numbered and signed by the designer and also features a […]

Christofle Radius Round Bowl

Christofle have worked with French industrial designer Martin Szekely to create the unique Radius Round Bowl. The bowl uses cutting edge technology to make it perfectly spherical and so the lid fits together perfectly with the base. The bowl is made out of Christofle’s signature silver and is available in two sizes exclusively from Christofle. […]

Christofle Silver Story Collection

Christofle have released a new home collection called the Silver Story collection. The Silver Story collection reinterprets some of Christofle’s finest and most historic designs with modern lines and finishes. The collection was designed by Peggy Huyn Kinh and includes candle holders, trays, vases and bowls which are available exclusively from Christofle. Tweet

Christofle Galet

Christofle have released a memory stick with data specialists Lacie called the Galet in an unusual shape. The Christofle Galet is in the shape of a pebble which is an ergonomic design which fits comfortably into ones palm or pocket. The memory stick is made of Christofle’s signature sterling silver and has a capacity of […]

Christofle Arborescence Humidor

Christofle have released a humidor as part of their Arborescence collection. The Arborescence humidor is carefully lined in cedar wood and covered in glossy black lacquer. The box itself is thirty centimetres high and accented with Christofle Silver. There will be only twenty humidors made and will be available exclusively from Christofle. Tweet

Christofle Tea Candle

Christofle have released a candle scented by the finest tea in the world. The Tea Candle is encased incandescent purple glass and gives off a warm homely and welcoming scent. The Tea Candle is nine centimeters high and features the Christofle coat of arms at the center of the candle. There will be only one […]

Christofle Arborescence Candelabra

Christofle have collaborated with French designer Ora Ïto to create Arborescence a candelabra. The candelabra is inspired by a tree with branches and a geometric pattern. The candelabra has space for twenty candles in a scattered design through the branches. The Arborescence candelabra is made of sterling silver by Christofle’s master silversmiths and only twenty […]

Christofle Galéa Flatware

The Christofle Galéa Flatware set is a reinterpretation of an ornamental motif created by acclaimed flatware designer Nicolas Cornu in 1775. Christofle’s reinterpretation maintains the double interlacing design which makes the flatware unique. The flatware is made of Christofle’s signature sterling silver and can easily matched with either modern or classical plates. The Christofle Galéa […]